Malindi is a town on Malindi Bay, lying on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. Tourism is the major industry there.

Malindi conjures up visions of a great historic town that has journeyed through ages. The culture, economy and general setup of any given place changes with time, and Malindi has journeyed through these eras with much pomp and flair from the time of the early Chinese and Arab traders to the Portuguese sailors and later on to European settlers who alongside other investors have transformed Malindi into a reputable destination of tourism importance. Yet there is still much warmth and hospitality of the people of Kenya experience here in Malindi.

Their friendliness and welcoming attitude among others is a charm that cannot be rivaled in any other tourist destination the world over. Malindi is known for its culinary prowess with its restaurants, hotels, coffeehouses and other eating places offering a wide range of cuisines ranging from local flavors to international cuisines. The revival of the architectural industry and carpentry specializing in local wood artifacts is something to be savored by all visitors.

Malindi has got various woodcarvers who can make very unique furniture and also the famous Lamu beds. There are also local tour guides to take you around to exotic places you have never seen before!

Given that Malindi is a seaside resort, do not forget to go out swimming in the warm waters, go deep sea fishing or visit the marine park alongside sunbathing and other beach sports in this lovely aquatic paradise. Various activities, religious, cultural and other activities which involve the whole of Malindi community do take place and tourists are invited to attend such functions and have a feeling of being part of the community, for example, participation in beach cleaning, tree planting and religious festivals.